EPF 2019 #3 : Event #2 - The behemoth ... The European Camarade (April 6th)

DSCF5335 smaller.jpg

I think it’s the biggest event I’ve ever put on. Near 200 people. 34 poets, 17 performances. 17 new collaborative live works. Folks travelling in from all over Europa. It was massive and mad and exciting and generous and fun.

A giant proof of concept, not only for the collaborative methodology with poetry but also the focus on what’s happening now in poetry in Europe. Very few of the poets were from London of course, so it was the concept that brought people in, it would seem, and this energy, this enthusiasm, really encouraged play and experimentation in the works themselves. One to remember.

All the videos are now up, worth a watch here https://www.europeanpoetryfestival.com/camarade19