EPF 2019 #1 : Event ~1 - Opening the festival in Kingston (April 4th)

A brilliant opening to the 2019 European Poetry Festival. This fest has become my primary focus in curating live literature, and it has been the source joy for me, bringing so many brilliant poets to the UK, hosting them, showing hospitality, coming up with new ways to make live poetry happen, to write more, to collaborate, to build a cross continental community, to make friendships that are active, kind and lead to new ideas and travels. This event was a chance to overlap my work at Kingston Uni, and directing the Writers’ Centre of the university, with the festival. The focus was Norwegian poetry, and we launched four brand new books, translations and first time publications, amidst readings by visiting and local Europoets. The Rose Theatre room was packed out, full housed, which is not easy to do. The beautiful pictures by Alexander Kell below attest to how lovely the night was. Loads more info and videos www.europeanpoetryfestival.com/wck