A note on : Recent Poem Brut publications on 3am magazine


I’m very proud to be the poetry editor of 3am magazine still (which was started in 2000) after many years in the role, and I’ve turned the doom inbox of open subs into a joyous time with the constraint of making all incoming work Poem Brut suitable. Some of the poems that come in are inspiring, and so encouraging it is to know so many folk all over the world are exploring the material, the liminal, the handmade as a vital and necessary means of their poetics. I was not the only one confused at the absence of handwriting, colour, motleyness and so on. Here are some of the most recent works I’ve had the pleasure to publish, where we’ve been on a tear as of late https://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/index/poetry/

poem brut #64 – a f briony published 27/04/2019 by Oliver Tong
poem brut #63 – an alphabet published 21/04/2019 by Susan Connolly
poem brut #62 – tape samples published 19/04/2019 by Jeff Bagato
poem brut #61 – estate published 03/04/2019 by Tony Rickaby
poem brut #60 – static gifs for broken musicianspublished 31/03/2019 by Nick Potter
poem brut #59 – forever now published 30/03/2019 by Kathryn Hummel
poem brut #58 – a house a silhouette a coco nutpublished 10/03/2019 by Suze de lee
poem brut #57 – coach house / belong published 08/03/2019 by Paul Hawkins
poem brut #56 – archive of disquiet published 03/03/2019 by Theo Chiotis
poem brut #55 – dogtags published by John Mancini
poem brut #54 – father published 02/02/2019 by Dovydas Laurinitis

A note should be made that when I published Tony Rickaby, whose beautiful work I took last year, I heard from his family that he recently passed away. He was a brilliant poet working for many decades to expand what we know to be poetry and it’s a grand and sad thing to have published his last work