EPF 2019 Event #7 - The Norwich Camarade in Dragon Hall (April 12th)

I was so happy with the works, attendance and energy of this event. We were welcomed really energetically and sincerely by the ever generous folks behind the National Centre for Writing, Peggy Hughes, Chris Gribble et al, and we all felt really supported, so many of us travelling in, and many poets actually arriving at the fest for this event. This was all furthered by the near 100 people who came out to the beautiful Dragon Hall on a Friday night. A very impressive turnout.

In terms of the pairs and works, I think we achieved a good balance of the European and the locals, many from a new generation of poets, leaning into experimentation. It was inevitably a more literary and measured happening than previous london gigs, but quite right too, it felt fresh for that contrast and everyone stayed together post reading for a midnight curry in a suprisingly purple norwich friday night city centre. / All the videos and more https://www.europeanpoetryfestival.com/norwich