EPF 2019 Event #5 - Austrian poetry in collaboration at ACF (April 10th)

The ACF have been my biggest supporter in these European themed events over the last many years. I owe them a lot. I always want the events they host during the fest, and in general, to be special. Last year’s EPF ACF event was packed and very memorable. Somehow we topped it. This really was a satisfying night for me, to be 5 events in, with standing room only every night, and to witness, arguably, the most intense event happen beneath a chandelier in Knightsbridge. It’s proof of the festival being important / appealing, I think.

We had a set of solo readings by european poets, some weird powerful stuff from Keti Chukhrov, Andrea Stepec, Kon Papacharalampos et al, followed by three considerable collaborations. Really worth looking up the performances and more pics at https://www.europeanpoetryfestival.com/austria