EPF 2019 #5 : Event #3 - Celebrating sound and performance at Iklectik Artlab (April 7th)


Three events in, returning to the magical Iklectik artlab, which I find easy to find, but others must search to discover, hidden in plain sight, but intimate and unique, wedged between Lambeth and Waterloo. Last year’s sunday night performance event here was grand, this one was better. Another full house, packed out with people, standing room only. Over a dozen new live works made for the night, from poets from every corner of Europe. It was a really easy, energised and playful night, it really followed the camarade so well, and evidenced how important working with the actual material of liveness in contemporary poetry is a concern for those making the exciting work in the continent now. Moreover the fusion and range from the purely conceptual, to the talking performances, to the tech enhanced, to the sound orientated and language concerned - there is so much happening in this field right now and it’s why I put this event on, though it’s a hard one to curate and manage. Worth checking out all the performances.

All the videos are available https://www.europeanpoetryfestival.com/performance and some beautiful pictures by Alexander Kell as ever before.