A note on: László Krasznahorkai celebrated at the HCC

A really considerable night at the Hungarian Cultural Centre in Covent Garden, the first of a new series celebrating european literary artists of the 20th century from Hungary, starting with the incomparable László Krasznahorkai, who has been important to my own writing because his kind of roving, ambiguous, menacing, incomplete completeness is rare in UK novelists. I commissioned 7 poets and artists to respond to Krasznahorkai, knowing them all to be fundamentally innovative with purpose, without indulgence, artists who worry about liveness, the people actually in the room, to create an event that at the very least would be memorable and polarising, especially when set against the luxury of the venue. It was a really energising and generous night, and the hospitality we were shown by our hosts was wonderful. All the performances can be viewed here https://www.europeanpoetryfestival.com/europeanwriters