Published : Myth of the Mole with Max Porter in Poetry


The October 2019 issue of Poetry Magazine features my collaborative prose poem written with Max Porter, Myth of the Mole.

I say mole, I mean Sharpe, Sean Bean as Sharpe, I mean people are dying while you go full-bore Cockerhoop. I mean it wasn’t like that when I was around, when I was younger. I mean a certain kind of touch, of look. I mean a freedom pass. I mean blindness to the estate. I mean, have you been in prisons, lately? They don’t really. I mean you aren’t talking of who fixes what you’re using?

I mean an acre of English ground, a sugarcoated Dacre homeward bound.

I say mole I mean Yarl’s Wood and all who work there who will never get to any heaven English or heathen

There’s an audio recording available free online too, of Max and I reading the poem

This has all been a joy for me. To work with Max, who couldn’t be more as generous and lovely as he is talented, and recognised for that unusual talent unusually, but also because of how Poetry Magazine have treated me / us. They arranged for us to record the poem together, they offered a remarkable level of editorial attention. They are just really so respectful and caring of the work and the poets.

A link to the whole issue here