A note on : leading Korean Literature Night on The Autobiography of Death

A fascinating night just off Trafalgar sq at the Korean Cultural Centre in London. I was asked to lead a discussion of Kim Hyesoon’s Autobiography of Death. They have a unique system, where people apply for these nights, and they do a lottery where 15 people get picked randomly, and they get sent the book for free. So everyone feels like the recipient of fortune, and reads attentively, and turns up. And they don’t choose the book. I didn’t quite understand this going in, as it completely shaped the two hours I spent with these 15 human beings. / The book itself is remarkable, and I think I overegged the punch on my response to it, talking about the impossibility of conceiving death in language instead of asking whether people like poems for example? But maybe that’s good. I don’t know. Hope to do this again though, I learned more talking to people who don’t like poetry or don’t think about it rather, than I normally do talking to those who pretend to know etc.