A note on : Performing for Laszlo Moholy Nagy

I had the chance to moderate an event, and then perform a bit, celebrating one of my heros, Laszlo Moholy Nagy. His work and theory has underpinned a lot of my teaching, and then thinking, especially in being multi-medium with creative practise, and with photography and poetry. I had chanced across the Isokon gallery too, just on one of my huge london walkings, where he lived in London in 1935 to 1937. So to be asked to work alongside Valeria Carullo, who has written a book on that, was synchronicity on a few levels. I offered some opening remarks, Valeria spoke comprehensively, then I messed with a self-filming set up and read an adapted poem for Laszlo in London. I was trying to be playful while also referring to LMN’s obvious concerns and self-awareness. I was a little off I think, but it was a very worthwhile thing and I’m lucky to have been asked.

There was also this lovely write up of the event by Alison Miller http://ceel.org.uk/culture/review-hungarian-lit-night-moholy-nagy-in-britain-by-valeria-carullo-an-immersive-book-launch-at-the-hungarian-cultural-centre/

“In the two years László Moholy-Nagy lived in London (1935-1937), his creative energy and innovation were boundless. He charmed the British who warmed to his friendly, ebullient and witty character – ‘that lovely madman’. Poet Steven Fowler in opening the event said, ‘Everyone wants you to be one thing, go in a straight line, so if you’re a poet, a writer, a film-maker, a visual artist, a composition artist, an architectural designer and architect, normally people will not want to get to know you, but somehow Moholy-Nagy managed to navigate a path through.’”