Nordic Poetry Festival #2 - A heaving Camarade

This event will likely ensure I try to do the festival again. On another dark and rainy night the Mix venue in Rich Mix, where I’ve hosted over 50 events, slowly filled up with people until it was bursting. 11 new collaborations were so varied, so full of authentic duo expressions, that the event ebbed and flowed, valleyed and mountained. It just seemed people liked it, they realised things, what is possible with poetry, and collaboration, and connected through these works, with a sense of humour around strange intense serious works. It felt like people became connected. I was quietly proud of it. This is the point, it came and went, proofed my concept, held the fest as a purposeful thing to do with a brief moment of time and it’ll be remembered I think, by those in it and out of it.

All the videos are here seriously worth watching them