A note on : reading at the Tomaž Šalamun Poetry Centre

Tomaz was a bit of a mentor of mine, along with Anselm Hollo and Tom Raworth I’d say his influence extended way beyond our brief friendship. In all three cases what I learned was really about the way I wanted to be as much as how I wanted to write. These things are inexorably intertwined, and you can’t realise that until you meet people who have lived it. He was very generous, and rightly, in Ljubljana, his place has been somewhat cemented by this amazing venue, which is really a reference library with all his books - that is his book collection - full of rarities. It’s a working library but also, thanks to Miha Mauric, an event space. I had the chance to read alongside friends too, Morten Langeland and Endre Ruset. Though in my actual reading I bored myself and had a weird sensation realising how hard I find it to just read nowadays, the evening was wonderful all told.

You can find more about the library here https://www.culture.si/en/Toma%C5%BE_%C5%A0alamun_Poetry_Centre