A note on : Intersemiotic Journeys between Media!

Really cool to have a new collaboration with Robert Prosser (we made it for the livenesses and it became new because we paged it, made it flat) in a beautiful academic tome entitled Translating across Sensory and Linguistic borders, edited by Ricarda Vidal and Madeleine Campbell that’s just come out with Palgrave MacMillan.


Great to be in the book alongside folk like Vahni Capildeo and Jen Calleja and it’s a pretty groundbreaking collection, very much rooted into ideas that drive much of my collaborative practise and curation.

“This book analyses intersemiotic translation, where the translator works across sign systems and cultural boundaries. Challenging Roman Jakobson’s seminal definitions, it examines how a poem may be expressed as dance, a short story as an olfactory experience, or a film as a painting. This emergent process opens up a myriad of synaesthetic possibilities for both translator and target audience to experience form and sense beyond the limitations of words. The editors draw together theoretical and creative contributions from translators, artists, performers, academics and curators who have explored intersemiotic translation in their practice. The contributions offer a practitioner’s perspective on this rapidly evolving, interdisciplinary field which spans semiotics, cognitive poetics, psychoanalysis and transformative learning theory. The book underlines the intermedial and multimodal nature of perception and expression, where semiotic boundaries are considered fluid and heuristic rather than ontological. It will be of particular interest to practitioners, scholars and students of modern foreign languages, linguistics, literary and cultural studies, interdisciplinary humanities, visual arts, theatre and the performing arts.  “