A note on: new floppy softback cover version of AlettaOceanAlphabetEmpire

Release of the softcover edition of my artpoetry book 'Aletta Ocean's Alphabet Empire' with the brilliant Hesterglock Press is coming. After we did a really successful sell out hardback glossy super limited edition Paul Hawkins (the editor) and I decided my scrabbleblack nightmare poems could do with more of a release into the world and so this beautiful book has been born.

Launched November 10th at Rich Mix at the last Poem Brut event for the foreseeable future, a huge night of performances bringing poets from all over the world to London http://www.poembrut.com/richmix4 

“The toner explodes on the office carpet spilling out a perfectly formed oeuvre. Serifs skywrite like migrating gannets. The rorschach accidentally tells you what to think. The dollar sign is a duck walking backwards into a lake. Aletta Ocean’s Alphabet Empire is an almighty triumph, a well-earned relief.” 
Chris McCabe