A note on: work in some upcoming anthologies

  • We'll never have Paris, edited by Andrew Gallix for Repeater books - I've new short fiction in this anthology, entitled Laisse Tomber. It's an ode to Patrick Modiano in a sense, fragmented, open, about memories of being unhappy in that city. https://repeaterbooks.com/
  • Battlalion, edited by Kirsty Irving and Jon Stone for Sidekick books - Some new artworks about bats and their charming personalities. http://sidekickbooks.com/booklab/
  • Wretched Strangers, edited by JT Welsch and Agi Lehoczky for Boiler House Press- This one has just arrived or is about to be, collecting new poems that reflect or represent the experience of those estranged by england's divorce from its own continent. My poem is about the ubiquity of loneliness https://www.boilerhouse.press/wretched-strangers
  • Queen Mob’s Teahouse anthology edited by Russell Bennetts and Erik Kennedy for Dostoyevsky Wannabe - I've a visual brut poem in this one, that celebrates the brilliant online journal. https://queenmobs.com/
  • Counternarratives: an anthology of Experimental Writing edited by Lee Rourke for Dead Ink - new short fiction in this one. https://deadinkbooks.com/