A note on: writing the intro to Federico Federici's Pithecanthropus Erectus...


This is a beautiful book of brilliant visual poems by one of Europe's most interesting writers. I was very happy to be asked by Federico to write an introductory text for the book, not so much a traditional lead but a creative text that opens the book. Federico has accurately described his work as a asemic note/sketchbook based on Charles Mingus' Pithecanthropus Erectus masterpiece. I highly recommend you buy it here


"The work is remarkable precisely because it works in a graceful, familiar space to do often stark and unfamiliar things. Like jazz that absorbs sound. This feels to me a faithful act towards listening and the intention towards possibility and inspiration. The roll, the smudge, the dead signature. The cut in the scrawl. The squig. The line, cards and bled ink. Sounds on paper." - SJ Fowler

and visit http://federicofederici.net/libri/