A note on: new Poem Brut publications on 3am magazine

Some extraordinary work being sent in for this series, from all over the world. It feels a proof of concept, it's gratifying. Lots more in the barrel https://www.poembrut.com/3am/

Kon Markogiannis poem brut #38 – vessel published 28/06/2018
Linda Black poem brut #37 – borne coloring found published
Chris Kohler poem brut #36 – architectural drawings published 12/06/2018
Kenneth Cale poem brut #35 – picture consequences published 27/05/2018
Stephen Nelson poem brut #34 – three asemic poems published 12/05/2018
Penny Newell poem brut #33 – drummers wanted published 05/05/2018
Frances Revel poem brut #32 – the angel-wing shell and its inhabitantpublished 27/04/2018