A note on : Revolve:R edition 3 - film responses to my poems

I recently wrote three new poems for the Revolve:R project, in its third edition. These poems were then responded to by three film-makers, which is something indeed. Links below to those films, which I am glad don’t show the poems, so one must read into them the oblique poetic translation process (the still here is taken from Daniel Smedley’s film)

Revolve:R is a pretty magical project curated by Sam Treadaway and is aboout = Revolve:R is a multidisciplinary and international collaboration which explores the transmission of ideas through collaborative forms of communication ranging from the physical and tactile forms of communication. Each Revolve:R edition is presented as a limited bookwork publication.

The Revolve:R, edition three bookwork has arrived. Here are links to films and soundscapes (3-5) from edition three, which are now Live on the website.

Revolve:R, edition three, Film:3, I Am a Slowly Deflating Balloon, by Daniel Smedley. Responds to artwork 265 by Sam Treadaway, and Poem:3 by Steven J Fowler. View here: http://www.revolve-r.com/index.php/edition-three---films/film3/

Revolve:R, edition three, Film:1, An Imposed Technique by Maria Anastassiou Responds to artwork 217 by Sam Treadaway, and Poem:1 by Steven J Fowler. View here http://www.revolve-r.com/index.php/edition-three---films/film1/

Revolve:R, edition three, Film:5, Out of Memory, by Alexandros Pissourios. Responds to artwork 310 by Sam Treadaway, and Poem:5 by Steven J Fowler. View here: http://www.revolve-r.com/index.php/edition-three---films/film5/