Published : a collaboration with Ausra Kaziliunaite

I’m picking heads of people / You’re picking heads of people

This work that I like, that was written in a day because of a dropout, that was read so coming-togetherly at the Poetry Society Cafe for European Poetry Festival, with the brilliant and ebullient and kindly lithuanian powerhouse Ausra Kazilinunaite, is part of a new series of collaborations with European poets I’ll be publishing over the coming months. This is the first.

You’re putting books on shelves.
Bibles, novels, instructional manuals. No poetry collections.
Pictures in books,
pictures of human mud.
Into your mouth
Into my dreams
Into your poems
Into my vagina
Into streets thronged with heads.
Into people dull with streets

Thanks to Wazogate, the spanish magazine of cultural energy.