A note on : collaborating with the powerful Diamanda Dramm

Diamanda’s bio note often mentioned she has played with a violin since she was 4. I believe this. Her talent is quite intimidating / extraordinary. For many months we’ve corresponded and I’ve ended up writing new poems, many new poems, that Diamanda has set to her magic music, editing the words and creating the sounds, and some of these tracksss will be on an album and will be performed as part of her upcoming tour in Holland. She is also using some of my scribble poems as the backdrop of her staging on that tour. Whhat more could I ask for? Well, we collaborated for the European Poetry Festival Camarade, in front of 200 people, and she was generous enough to move over from her world renowned music talents, bringing them with her, but stepping hard below, to monkey with folk, as is my thing. She was great at that too, we hoodwinked a bit and she played and I read and we swapped and she played the violion on / through / over me. A first. Not a last perhaps.

Visit https://diamandadramm.com/events/ to find out about her tour if you’re in Hollandaise.