A note on: a new Photography section


The last year to 18 months have been spent learning, a lot, from friends kind enough to teach me about photography. It was something (the inverse of my normal process) that I knew more about theoretically than practically before I started working, actively, with film and digital editing especially. The theoretical and conceptual knowledge, almost always learned in the context of understanding the photograph and the text or poem, allowed me opportunity to share ideas, at The Photographer’s Gallery most especially, thanks to Joseph Kendra, which in turn asked of me far more attention towards the taking of my own pictures, with nowt to do with my writing. This summer of 2018 was a often dominated by this for me, taking lots of pictures, wasting lots of money on developing shite, but coming out of it, as ever, knowing how little I know and relatively small my talents are in this area. But it’s joyous. A chance to then speak and work with Writing Photographs at Tate Modern extended my knowledge a bit further too, so it’s time for a small section, for my own mind and motivation, on my site, about my photography work www.stevenjfowler.com/photography

I have to thanks Alexander Kell for teaching me more than anyone (pictured i took this picture of him)