collaborating with Milosz Biedrzycki for Wrogowie & remembering Tomaz Salamun

A beautiful evening at the Rich Mix, march 28th, with some amazing performances by the 16 poets in 8 pairs over an hour or so of magic. The atmosphere was warm, the work really varied and interesting, and the collaborations a success. You can read all about the evening in depth, and watch all the work, here

Milosz and I decided to perform a piece in tribute to our mutual friend Tomaz Salamun. First we wrote a long poem where we exchanged lines of Tomaz's with various conditions placed upon them for us to make small alterations, word switches, and so forth. Then we decided that Milosz would read this poem as I handed out a sheet of paper to the 50 or so people in attendance which asked them not to read the poem that was printed on the page. Then it asked them to read the poem quietly as Milosz and I read quietly, and then to finally read with us, as we read it aloud. It gave me goosebumps, the chorus of voices, reading in near perfect harmony, Tomaz's words. It was beautiful, a fitting farewell.