MOPHA : Sept 28th : Rich Mix theatre

I could not be more excited for the first MOPHA performance this September 28th at the Rich Mix Arts Centre Theatre Tickets available now.

"How would you describe the space around a horse? Or lift a watermelon with your voice? This experimental variety show is the result of 6 artists and poets approaching the edges of language through miniature plays, live sound effects, language games and improvisation. Expect bad jokes, fractured speech, aberrant theatre and words under pressure.
Mopha is an art-performance-poetry collective formed by Holly Pester, Patrick Coyle, Emma Bennett, SJ Fowler, James Wilkes and Tamarin Norwood. Mopha pools and mutates the live practices of six adept performers with backgrounds in poetry, sound art, live art and sculpture to create collaborative, site-responsive performances."
I have no predisposition to the romantic notion of working in a collective. But this has happened because of a really specific set of reasons. The timing, the cross pollination of practise, and my own desire to spend more time collaborating with these five genuinely iconoclastic artists, has made the whole MOPHA such a source of joy. Having the chance to work as a collective has been a privilege of mine for over the last year or so, and so much of that time has really just been about the exchange of ideas, and taking in what others have so beautifully perfected. This show will be a chance to test out something unique, a true multiplicity of collaboration, that overlaps in its form and performance as with its creation. And it'll be funny, and strange. & unresolved. & unique. & worth watching.