3 poems in the Honest Ulsterman

Very proud indeed to have work in the first issue of the relaunched Honest Ulsterman. The magazine was a powerful entity once, began in 1968 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Honest_Ulsterman publishing some recent greats, and has been reawoken by the remarkable writer, essayist and literary monster that is Darran Anderson. If anyone can remake it as a wholly original but equally important entity, it is he. http://www.humag.co/poetry/three-poems-by-sj-fowler With Gorse, the Bohemyth and many other things happening out of Ireland, it is a fine time to announce a massive Enemies project thing there, which Ill do soon.

Incidents of Anti-Semitism

if privileged presents where contact divine
mediated through a son, then privileges past
expressed in the covenant with a father on isles
a fact about oneself that cannot be changed
it can either be acknowledged or denied
one can live neither path changes the fact
one can be despite oneself, the event in petition to which
is not the eternal presence rather the acknowledgement
of a fact about the past, of one is bound whether one likes or not.