One year to the day of Anselm Hollo's death

One year anniversary of the death of the great Anselm Hollo today. My tribute to him on  Really hard to imagine its been an entire since this happened. It completely transformed my awareness of my own writing, the poetry I read and in many ways my place in navigating this city. I poured over his works for many months afterwards, and gave his books as gifts just as much. The last reading Anselm Hollo gave, at my event in Bloomsbury, London 2012
Here's a link to my poem 'Wormwood Scrubs' dedicated to Anselm Hollo, published by Exquisite Corpse magazine & Im also very proud that all that reading bore fruit into actual poetry, and my collection with upcoming this year features lots of homage to Anselm, there are numerous epigraphs of his amongst other less obvious touches I owe to his work.

This extraordinary message was sent around today by Anselm's widow Jane The post has some beautiful images too.