Camaradefest videos

Camaradefest, held a few weeks back at the Rich mix arts centre, was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the first year of the Enemies project and of all the events I’ve run. Thanks to the nearly 80 poets who contributed to the day, and to the hundreds who came in over the 8 hours we were going. It was an effortless enterprise because people were so generous and I’m most proud of the fact that everyone seemed to feel the atmosphere of exchange and of community. Videos below:
David Berridge & Mary Paterson
Kirsty Irving & Jon Stone
Jeff Hilson & Fabian MacPherson
Edmund Hardy & James Wilkes
Giles Goodland & Alistair Noon
Marek Kazmierski & Wioletta Grzegorzewska
Matt Dalby & Steven Waling
Tom Chivers & Ross Sutherland
Marcus Slease & Claire Potter
Pascal O'Laughlin & Scott Thurston
Ghazal Mosadeq & Ricardo Marques
Andy Spragg & Joe Kennedy
Robert Hampson & Chris Gutkind
Julia Bird & Sarah Hesketh
Bea Colley & Francine Elena
Stephen Watts & Will Rowe
Zoe Skoulding & Ondrej Buddeus
Oli Hazzard & Caleb Klaces
Tim Atkins & Jessica Pujol I Duran
Ryan Van Winkle & William Letford
Jack Underwood & Alex MacDonald
Joanna Rzadkowska & Kristen Kreider
Stephen Connolly & Manuela Moser
Sophie Collins & Rachael Allen
Sarah Kelly & Gabriele Lebanauskaite
Deborah Pearson & Tamarin Norwood
Ollie Evans & Robert Kiely
Nathan Jones & Sam Skinner
Christodoulos Makris & Kim Campanello
Reza Mohammedi & Ana Seferovic
James Byrne & Sandeep Parmar
Chris McCabe & Tom Jenks

Thanks too to Arts Council England.