Launching Enemies

the book, and those who have made the book something special, that is a unique document, in that it is neither a collection, nor an anthology, but a selected set of collaborations, needed a night for itself. Though the massive camaradefest was to follow the next day, we put it together on Friday oct 25th, at Toynbee studios, near Liverpool street and I read with Tom Jenks, Tim Atkins, Eirikur Orn Norddahl, Sarah Kelly, Sam Riviere and David Berridge. We projected youtube videos behind ourselves as we read, each one tailored to the work being read and it seemed as though the subtle differences we aimed to evidence between each work, though they were all readings, was apparent across the evening, complimenting each other with their difference. We tried some polyphonic reading for the final shift and though I wanted the night to be more conceptually performative originally, it ended up representative of the spirit of the book I think. I'm very grateful to everyone who came to the launch to support me, to everyone who is in the book, to Tom Chivers who published the book, everyone who read with me on the night and of course, everyone who bought a copy.