poem for Chris Weidman

whether legs parallel will sit closely with LEFT hook
that decent dip / switch rather 10th fight over the greatest
ever that has been known because it took you lightly & gladder stoked I AM
LEGITIMATE / not even needing
fucking wrestling to know you can be
too fucking relaxed AS the human tower builds LV
around a dirty bomb & I cannot bell the end
switched / won't back written by jeff lynne
& TOM PETTY on jersey new run in the heat
I find myself screaming AT A COMPUTER ON SUN
morning // off to celebrate haha. you are a artiste
beneath your hands-on-hips im-too-down-to-earth-to-be-outwardly-
-repelling-chris--facade THE WAR IN THE RING
not out A GOOD DAY FOR sipping laps of Wormwood Scrubs / I am sorry again, Im glad the experience was a pleasant one. Ive long since lost the thread of the place's obvious majesty. One day it will return to me and I will consider myself to have been blind.