Shaman electrique - a poem for the tour as it is being toured - #EVP

Shamans were once essential for the survival and wellbeing of Arctic communities. Are we not of a similar climate now, that such a necessity has arisen? Shamans are men or women who have the particular ability to communicate with other-than-human-persons. These may be, for example, animals, for example, BEARS, or the personified forces of disease, or weather. Shamans are especially important in ensuring that animals continue to give themselves as gifts to hunters. Without a shaman to intercede and negotiate with these powers, a human community is vulnerable to disease and starvation, even self-inflicted death. I bought myself a gift to reward myself for being so good, it is a gift I am giving to you. Latex nurse. French maid. Lingerie. For your body is not needed, rushing out into the unknown, out of the human world