Jurassic Strip in Here Comes Everyone

http://herecomeseveryone.me/ the second issue that editor adam steiner has been kind enough to take my work for HERE COMES EVERYONE. This issue, Dinosaurs, and examples of my collaboration with David Kelly, the artiste, about JP, known as Jurassic Strip. They published 4, took a little bit of a liberty with the pagination etc...gluing the text over the work. Ah, whatever. Ched ched cheb, the poems are all about the glory of a park full of dinosaurs, relocated to the middle east or something, so the fact that they appeared in what appears to be a granny magazine, all plastered up in microsoft paint is kind of fitting http://herecomeseveryone.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/The-Dinosaurs-Issue.pdf We're on page 26. Everyone reads pdf books online, so the thousands who weep at the sight of dinos and their poetry will be able to choc my twitter feed with frozen berries.