Xing the Line: Freaklung reading

I was really happy to read at this event recently in Clerkenwell. Mendoza, who edits freaklung, which was excerpted in the angel exhaust which was being launched at this special edition of Xing the line, took my poems for this very issue in 2010, when I barely was about with poetry. I owe her that, and it felt like a return of sorts at this reading, because I am involved in a wide array of projects and their associated 'scenes' its nice to be with people who I feel are my base in many ways, if I have one. I really admire Rhys Trimble, who was incredible, and the rest of the readers, Emmerson / Raha / Holman / Hay & Mendoza. I did something I don't normally do too, chatting with everyone for a few hours afterward, catching up with people who are friends, who happen to be poets, who happen to be lovely people.