Gilles de Rais with David Kelly published this month with Like This press

The first publication of the Enemies series! A book in a box, a sculptural art object - 34 double sided "postcards" (a poem on side, a picture on the other) this is one of the five collaborative projects David Kelly and I have worked on http://erkembode. 

An interchangeable narrative reflection on the life and legend of Gilles de Rais, this fusion of avant garde poetry and modernist line drawing aims to satirise and subvert the manner in which the monstrous myth surrounding such de Rais is echoed in our own time by Jimmy Saville. This is the disjunctive folklore of idiot's resounding through the ages, from 15th century France to 21st century Britain.

Like This press, edited by Nikolai Duffy, is a remarkable publishing project which aims to break ground in the form and content of the poetry it publishes. Another credit to the vibrant north west scene, the prolific press has already published some the UK's most interesting poets.

A blog exclusive, here is the 35th Gilles de Rais collaboration between David and I, not to be featured in the book! Click to enlarge the penissses.