Interview with Tom Pickard on 3am

I've just had the pleasure of publishing Alex Niven's fascinating interview with British poetry revival great Tom Pickard on 3am magazine. 

to reach the moon you need a rocket

I saw the Modern Tower as part of my apprenticeship, as it were, part of my education, to listen to all these different voices and to find out as much as possible. And I wasn’t going to get that from the fucking University, because they weren’t putting on readings; it was as it is now: horribly institutionalised. I think I am a bit of an activist, or certainly have been. I suppose you just have the energy and if you have someone to support you, a partner, that makes it easier. I suppose I was an arrogant bastard and I didn’t like being told to fuck off and I was persistent in trying to get money to keep the thing going. But that wasn’t so difficult when you had the encouragement of Basil and MacDiarmid, who people could appreciate, plus the audiences who were coming, and it was our own place and it seemed pretty much a part of what was happening.
Alex Niven interviews the British poetry revival legend Tom Pickard