38 meditations on Strong Tea


Jo Langton and Zimzalla have teamed up to release Poetea. Handmade cloth tea bags in handmade felt sleeves, with each bag containing text. 10 varieties are available: Builder’s; Black; Delicate; Exotic; Fresh; Fruitea; Green; Rich; Strong; White. / Jo has taken the time to commission original poetic responses to each of these varieties and pleasingly, if predictably, I got Strong Tea. In the aftermath of a lovely afternoon in the company of friends and other stolen pieces of other peoples text, and a lecture by Richard Dawkins, I wrote these 38 minimalist miniatures.  / Other reactionaries include Andrew Taylor, Sarah Crewe and Tamarin Norwood. Check the Zimzalla site for new returns. A fantastic project I was delighted to be asked to do by one of the most exciting publishing ventures and one of the most interesting up and coming poets, predictably both from the north of the country.

"PoeTea responses: SJ Fowler

SEPTEMBER 17, 2012
This week, SJ Fowler responds to the Strong blend. Click the link to read."

38 meditations on Strong tea

              for Val & Tom Raworth

 my tea is

will it run the risk
   of being misunderstood?

sarcastic Chinese
why ... milk?
   because of breasts
          we reply
& because udders just hang there


         the irony being
   on a journey to Edinburgh
   tae visit Nick-e Melville
      idon actually
        hot drinks


you are the Shining Star of Bear Island
where all the trees
           have been stripped away
       to make room
            for the plantation’s

hello chicken
        come visit. I will give you
          & stroke your head
    your feathers will be my handle;
        your skull will be my cup


o man, I have Mark next to me
he stinks
    & has aspergers
   I could really do with a cup
               of Strong tea