Xing the Line

In ten days or so I'm reading at the Xing the Line reading series along with Tim Atkins and Fabian MacPherson on August wednesday 15th at 7.30 at the Apple tree pub, 45 Mount Pleasant, Clerkenwell, London. WC1X OAE

I'll be launching three new publications on the evening.
Recipes - published by Red Ceilings press
66 pages - £8
"If this is some of what he ate where, then SJ Fowler also swallowed Antonin Artaud whole, calmed his stomach with bumblebees and psychedelics instead of milk of magnesia, and then started pogoing. These recipes are in the grand tradition of The Futurist Cookbook (offering chickenfiat; elasticake; simultaneous fruit), and Harry Mathews' famous "Country Cooking" (bludgeoned with an underwater boomerang)-- and provide food for thought for the hungriest of readers. Binge and purge!  This little book has completely cured my lactose intolerance."               Dr Tim Atkins (author of "The Atkins Diet")

Ways of Describing Cuts with the poet, Sarah Kelly by Knives Forks & Spoons press
22 pages - £5
"These poems seem instantly to surpass the benign conversational format of much poetic collaboration, instead arising from a violent and impulsive sort of play. They wound us as all good poems should, but, staring each other down from the ends of the page as if from opposite sides of a room, the real drama becomes in how the pieces vie and rally with each other, somewhat like combatants in a friendly knife-fight, matching taunts, comparing their quick cuts for deftness. But there's flirtation and approval beneath the show as well -- the poems appeal to each other as much as they aim to appal, teasing, correcting and provoking, meeting each others' lunges with unexpected gentleness. Like the best friendships or dialogues, we find the players alternately at odds and back to back, until any simple sense of opposition is overcome, seeded with generosity and enjoyment, demonstrating how in such fruitful encounters as these we can in the best possible sense 'fail to maintain our solidity."               Sam Riviere

The Primarchs with the artist, David Kelly by Bear press
42 pages - £8
"Integrated abstraction between artist and poet, a grotesque meditation on the founding fathers of the Warhammer universe... Disjunctive prose poetry that rifles through epic biography and underwear drawers, besplattered with the heavy pink of human fluids"

Please do come along if you're in the city