Tom Jenks & Chris McCabe - Seaside Special

Of all the facets of the Camarade series, probably the most challenging and the most rewarding is the curating of partnerships between poets. The act of putting together two writers who do not know one another, but whose work has subtle but forceful connections is a wonderful process, if it goes well, and no other experiment in this field has gone better for the the series than the ongoing poetical tennis match between Chris McCabe and Tom Jenks.

Seaside Special, a set of 31 literary postcards by Tom Jenks and Chris McCabe with an all star cast including John Betjeman, Allen Ginsberg and an unfeasibly large sausage, is now available for £10 plus £2.50 post and packaging in the UK and £5.00 post and packaging elsewhere. Each set comes tied with a Union Jack ribbon.
Click here to buy a set from within the UK for £12.50
Click here to buy a set from outside the UK for £15.00.