Literature Across Frontiers at Poetry Parnassus & the International Poetry Fair

I was delighted to be asked to host the Literature Across Frontiers event to be in the clore ballroom for the International Poetry Fair part of Poetry Parnassus. They have really done exceptional work for the past ten years, adapting with a unique flexibility and plurality of interests across the European literary scene. They have done so much for festival, readings, publishers, translations, workshops, research - the list is endless. And this event was a really refreshing experience that cut through any feelings of poetry burn out! Els Moors and Katerina Iliopoulou were poets whose work I knew but whose readings I had never witnessed, both could not have been more clear and honest to their own integrity as poets, which is what cuts through so much.

I also managed to get footage from the Wolf celebration reading, hosted and featuring James Byrne, one of our finest contemporary British poets, though only brief snippets as the battery was packing in.

& the Salt celebration reading too, hosted by Roddy Lumsden.