Part of my ongoing long poem Muyock, which is about Tiphaine Mancaux, the D-Day landings and Matteo Patocchi's photographs of Aomi Muyock, has been published by Walter Ruhlmann's 'D-Day 68th Anniversary Anthology' through the Anglo-French online press mgversion2.0>datura. You can buy the anthology on Issuu and Lulu, in both digital and hard copies.... an excerpt below

      on m knees
           theearth bere
 ft breaks
        heavy w birds
                   & gherman pricks
dumpin a  way   that invites...
     until th wet congeals
   everywhere / in the great
     arches of invitation

   all th roads ar ebuilt
   now you can fuck
    off back to spider island
  w allthe dead i cant thank enough