Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 50 : the charging puffer


Following the Maintenant:celebration of Avant-Garde poetry event I had a lovely invitation from the remarkable poet and critic, Jen Dick, a centrifugal force in Parisian poetry, and French poetry in general. Around a conference called "Lex-ICON: treating the text as image and the image as text" which will be held at UHA in Mulhouse, France, she is curating a post-a-day blog project of visual works for 60 days from 20 march through 20 May 2012 on http://lex-icon21.blogspot.fr/ with an image/text + commentary + bio of the artist/author who created it. These are in French and English.

May 8th, post 50, this is my day:

 chargingpuffer 4

"The conceptual brilliance, and historical prevalence, of the calligram need not be overstated, and though forms like square kufic have influenced me, it is Apollinaire's calligrammes which have inspired me, as they have many others. However, the calligram has always attracted me first and foremost precisely because of the illegibility of the handwriting! It allows for multiple readings of the text as well as of the image. Thus I have been faithful to this notion, and though the poem hidden in this fish is indeed real, it is determinately vague."—Steven J. Fowler