A few weeks ago the Maintenant reading series I curate debuted at the Southbank centre. Certainly in terms of venue and repute, it was a milestone for the series. If I'm honest I have never viewed my activities in organising poetry events through the lens of ambition, despite their frequency, I am always tinged with some reluctance around their doing, and as such I tend to just view each one as a separate entity. I have asked myself the question often enough of why I do organise events at all, and I think this sense of doubt is healthy. I am all but completely sure I do so for the right reasons now, to bring people together for enjoyable exchanges, to cultivate an atmosphere that I personally benefit from... None the less, I do believe once an event series stops running, it stops existing and if I were aiming to build a legacy or anything else, I would be a fool. This evening was an unusually intense one, with visa problems and last minute changes aplenty. None the less, it was considered a success and certainly it represented and width I always seek to advocate. Here is my intro to the night's proceedings.