Geoffrey Winston reviews A Joyful Summit of Old Savages at Londonjazz

Tom Raworth, Gunnar Harding, Anselm Hollo
The Horse Hospital, London, April 2012
Drawing by Geoffrey Winston. © 2012. All Rights Reserved
A Summit Of Joyful Old Savages - poets Anselm Hollo, Gunnar Harding, Tom Raworth and Andrei Codrescu (The Horse Hospital, 18th April 2012; review and drawing by Geoff Winston)

'We can't sing, that's why we write!' Anselm Hollo's humorous, self-deprecating aside, on behalf of this esteemed quartet of poets, encapsulated the spirit of this unique, intimate and joyful occasion.

Masterminded by poet and publisher Steven (SJ) Fowlerthis was a gathering of four of the most significant poets of their generation, who made their initial mark in the early 60s, and continue to exert a profound influence on subsequent generations.

Gunnar Harding, originally an artist and jazz drummer, takes much of the credit for diverting the paths of Swedish and northern European poetry away from their historical preoccupations with nature. Anselm Hollo, Finnish born, resident in the USA after spending a few years in England, was introduced as 'the greatest translator of the twentieth century', whereupon he recounted ....