Enemies: so many collaborators!

The process of collaboration is intrinsic to what I am attempting to achieve, and over the last year, without design, it has become a fundamental resource of new material and environments which force me to be agile across mediums and projects. Hopefully next year all the collaborations will be collected into a volume, at the moment I am or already haved produced work with Tim Atkins, Marcus Slease, David Kelly, Joel Ely, Mia Porter, Tommi Musturi, Ghazal Mosadeq, Sarah Kelly, RDG Thomas, Jeff Hilson, Patrick Coyle, Drew Millward, Anatol Knotek, Marco Giovenale, Wenjing Wang, Joseph Royce Lewis, Katerina D'Autremont, Edith Bergfors, Lone Eriksen, Eirikur Orn Norddahl, Philip Venables, Ben Morris, Robert Lye, Sian Williams, Matteo Patocchi, Ragnhildur Johanns, Michael Zand & Holly Pester. Some are being published in journals and online.