Herbarium reading

Friday night, the 22nd of July, was the release of the Herbarium poetry anthology edited by James Wilkes. Held in the Urban Physic garden, it was a lovely evening. I took videos of the readings, 35 poets in all, and some of my favourite working in London like Jeff Hilson, Tim Atkins, Marcus Slease, Michael Zand, Chris McCabe, Philip Terry and on and on. Such a unique evening with such great work and the anthology itself was beautiful. Jamie Wilkes did an incredible job and it was one of those readings that seems special because it is so fundamentally unique, wide ranging and justified, it wasn't for the sake of it, the concept was fantastic. It also is a credit to James that he is aware of so many excellent poets, there were many i had never come across before who were real discoveries. http://www.physicgarden.org.uk/