Henri Michaux

whoever rejects his demons badgers us to death with angels

dwarves are born continually

It soon became clear (from adolescence on) that I had been born to live among monsters

Despite so many efforts in somany directions all through his life to change himself, his bones, without paying any attention to him, blindly follow their familial, racial, Nordic evolution

I met an oaktree: as tall as my finger, and it was suffering.

The fight was over, at least for the day

Then I put myself inside an apple. What peace!..
When I arrived in the apple, I was ice-cold

in this country, they do not use women. when they want pleasure, they go into the water, and then toward them comes a creature rather like an otter, but bigger, even more supple (and have you ever seen an otter go into the water? it slips in like a hand), toward him come these animals and fight over him.

and what if the poor were given pies of stewed ball-bearings?

and your bread turns into a bear demanding its share and ready to kill

People who dream have always seemed to me superficial sleepers. Probably afraid to ‘lose their man.’

Mediocrities, boring women, some brute I could have gotten rid of a hundred time over – I kept them around for the session with the sack.

But the Nonese are patient. God will not stand for this indefinitely, they say. He is waiting for his time to come.
Of course he’s waiting.

The god Mna is the deafest and the greatest. They are sure that is he could only hear them, it would be the end of all their miseries – which are countless

‘do come in,’ said the shark, and he ate him. The shark was a man-eater, but the era was polite.

In Siam they use the tiger’s docility in following his cruel instincts to lure him on to a bleating lamb over a deep ditch in which he will then perish, fuming with rage at having stupidly let himself be found out by little cowardly bastards so inferior to him in every way.

In this century, the phallus is becoming dogmatic.

He who sings in a group will put his brother in prison when asked.

To understand, the intelligence must get itself dirty. Above all, before it even gets dirty, it has to get hurt.