Recipes is my 4th collection of poetry, published in 2012, by Red Ceilings press (Derbyshire, UK. 70 pages).

It is a book about constraint, in that every poem contained within is bound to the same structure and form, an aberrant take on the Recipe form, as it is often given in cookbooks, as a processional list. Moreover the book contains many Oulippean experiments in literal constraint. The collection was written on commission, following five poems that featured in my third collection, Minimum Security Prison Dentistry, which took this recipe form. I subsequently wrote 60 more to complete the book.

ncredibly, SJ Fowler's recipes turn into poems as soon as you read them: exotic, nonsensical, provocative, furiously funny, but also tender and intimate (in their own way). Don't try this at home. Frédéric Forte (member of the Oulipo)

If this is some of what he ate where, then SJ Fowler also swallowed Antonin Artaud whole, calmed his stomach with bumblebees and psychedelics instead of milk of magnesia, and then started pogoing. These recipes are in the grand tradition of The FuturistCookbook(offeringchickenfiat; elasticake; simultaneous fruit), and Harry Mathews' famous "Country Cooking" (bludgeoned with an underwater boomerang)-- and provide food for thought for the hungriest of readers. Binge and purge! This little book has completely cured my lactose intolerance. Dr Tim Atkins (author of "The Atkins Diet")

You can read samples from Recipes here:

& below, view the launch reading at Xing the Line in London on August 15th 2012