Poethetic Pathogens (a Michaux inflammation) : an exhibition by SJ Fowler

Avivson Gallery : February 20th to 27th 2019 : 49 Highgate High St, London N6 5JX, UK.

Five new paint or asemic poems exhibited alongside, and responding to, an original work by 20th century poetical iconoclast, Henri Michaux.  I'm pleased to announce this week long exhibition at the Avivson Gallery in the heart of Highgate, London. 

Gallery hours : Wednesday to Saturday 12.15 -18.00 www.avivsongallery.com/

The Henri Michaux poem to be exhibited >>

From the gallery “... Fowler’s work has become synonymous with a new generation of European poets following Michaux’s explorations into writing abstraction and handwriting art, and the possibilities of a more instinctive notion of what literature might be. The Michaux work in question evokes the microscopic bacteria that permeates our bodies beyond our sight, and it is this visible but unseen aesthetic that Fowler has pursued in his  artworks.”

From me : A note on: Poethetic Pathogens exhibition at Avivson Gallery February 25, 2019

A wonderful opportunity for me to exhibition at Highgate’s Avivson Gallery for just over a week this month. My exhibition consisted of new asemic poems, blotchpoems, responding to an original Michaux centred on the walls. We had a powerful opening night and I invigilated for a few days too, with posh people and weirdos coming in to peruse my inks and ask what they were? I tried to change my answer everytime. Midochlorians, mitochondria, pathogens, people, abstracts… The real joy was beginning the relationship with the gallerist Janus Avivson and his colleagues. Amazing people, generous and dynamic and completely unique. I hope it’s not the last time I’m in this space, one too rarefied for my dirty work.

The special view opening event / February Wednesday 20th 2019

featured performances and readings by Christian Patracchini, Iris Colomb, Astra Papachristodoulou & Oliver Fox, Russell Bennetts, Mischa Foster Poole and SJ Fowler. Below are pictures by Astra Papachristodoulou and Scott Daughters and videos from all the performances.