The Neurocantos are a sequence of poems, of varying methodologies, relating to neuroscience and the human brain. The poems have emerged from my attendance at the Salzburg Global Seminar on Neuroscience and Creativity, my time in residency with the Hubbub Group at Wellcome collection, and my co-curation of the A World Without Words project, exploring aphasia and the human brain, with Lotje Sodderland and Thomas Duggan, all in 2015.

The Neurocantos have taken on multiple forms, not just in publication of the texts, but in exhibitions, performances, soundscapes, video installations, most often in collaboration. The Neurocantos, often led by found text writing methodologies, owes itself to inspiration provided by collaborators in both science and art, like Noah Hutton, Daniel Margulies and Rebecca Kamen, amongst many others.

Poems from The Neurocantos have been presented at Humboldt University School of Mind and Brain, Berlin and the National Institute of Health, Maryland. They have also been exhibited at the Greater Reston Arts Centre, Virginia and the Janelia Research Institute, Washington, DC

Continuum and the Neurocantos with Rebecca Kamen

After a lengthy and extraordinary correspondence with the artist Rebecca Kamen, who I met at the Salzburg Global Seminar, the impetus for the original Neurocantos poems began by remixing her remarkable expressions and texts around the descriptions and inspirations for her remarkable sculptural artworks and installations. 

You can read more about the Continuum exhibition here The exhibition runs from December 1st 2015 to February 13th 2016. 

The exhibition will also be shown at the gallery at Janelia Research Institute ( in the Washington, DC area next fall.

As part of continuum, two editions of prints of the Neurocantos are included in the exhibition program, framed for display.  Alongside the exhibition's primary sculptural elements, there is also a soundscape, created by Susan which involves my reading from the text and a series of 3 moving poem fragments as video projections from 2 of the Neurocantos poems alongside a Cajal quote.

The NeuroCantos has also been part of Rebecca's presentation at an international neuroscience symposium, honoring the legacy of Santiago Ramon y Cajal  at National Institute of Health on November 4th 2015.  

The poems have been formed into images... Lobe and a second scan for a print titled, Points of Light.  The overlapping circle forms in Points of Light represent the Vesicas Pisces, a symbol of creation, representing in geometry, the birth of a line.  It seems quite metaphorical on many levels including “line” in relationship to the concept of proses.

Tractography published by Pyramid Editions - February 2016

Neurocantos at Humboldt University, School of Mind and Brain, Berlin