Collaborations with Matteo Patocchi: Twins

This limited edition publication, a collaboration between my poetry and the brilliant photography of Matteo Patocchi, features beautiful innovative portraits of twins surrounding by my long poem about zygote splitting, based on a work by Velimir Kklebnikov. Matteo did an amazing job with the typography and an even better job sourcing a printer to render the work as a newspaper, a format that really gives the publication a unique quality. Do visit and here's a link to the amazing images in the book

Here's my reading from the launch of Twins, at the Rich Mix Arts Centre in London, October 2013.


A collaboration about beauty & sexuality, & its idiosyncratic constitution, against homogeneity and the contemporary consumption of the aforementioned. The tradition of classic central European art / fashion photography meets the tradition of central European modernist poetics and typographical innovation. Muyock featured in Enemies: the selected collaborations (2013) 

   all th roads ar ebuilt

   now you can fuck

    off back to spider island

  w allthe dead i cant thank enough


french . swiss   fruits    flower grw to green

  the wind died in refusing the drinks they drnk

   & ruin bad ideas in saint jons forest w h th pickl grows

  of  listened to another light   yes we know ur importnt

off the black cliffs then

the messages of man

  are im sorry