Poets rarely cover their peers or poets from the past who have influenced them. The Covers Project began in 2011, and has run intermittently, as a video series, allowing myself and the poets involved to choose from their contemporaries or those who have had a profound affect upon their work, and read their work, to make it new in their voices. Over 50 covers are available

I began to record my own covers more regularly in 2016, not only to show testament to those who have helped me grow as a writer but to document spaces I find myself in when travelling or in London. Below you'll find covers of Blaise Cendrars, Tom Raworth, Bill Griffiths, Christodoulos Makris, Nikos Engonopoulos, Chris McCabe, Anselm Hollo, Marcus Slease and a few covers of my work, offered by those I've met when travelling.