The Words Moving: poems on cinema : Pyramid Editions (2017)

A limited edition collection of poems responding, reanimating or celebrating a selection of films predominantly drawn from the post-war European arthouse tradition, with some exceptions. An aberrant love letter to cinema itself as well as films such of Salo, The Devils, The Three Colours Trilogy and Stalker, the book aims not to smother the films in question with nostalgia or explication, but to remake them in language as complex, playful and ambiguous as the films themselves.

Pyramid Editions, edited by Owen Vince, have pioneered limited edition pamphlets with some of the UK’s most notable up and coming modernist poets, with a focus on high production values and a direct engagement with literary bookshops in London and beyond. With The Words Moving the press releases its first collection length book.

Poems from the The Words Moving have appeared in Test Centre Magazine (Dec 2016), Queens Tea Mobhouse and a sample can be viewed online here:

The Words Moving will be launched in summer 2017 and will be accompanied by a series of performances in venues across London.

PYRAMID Editions was founded in 2015, with the aim of achieving and extending greater gender representation for women writers and for singularly representing the work of younger and emerging artists. It is currently in its second publishing cycle, with books exploring feminism, the body, blackness, and Sufi spirituality. It is run by Owen Gwynne Vince, a writer and artist who has previously been commissioned by the Enemies Project, English PEN, and the Writers Centre Norwich. His own work includes THE ADRIFT OF SAMUS ARAN (Fathom/SHARKPACK, 2016) and UMBER (Lapwing, Belfast, 2017), as well as digital installation and 3D modelling.

For details and publicity information, please contact Owen Gv at: